Improve up-time, yield, and operational excellence.

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"Learn how Northrop Grumman increased their technicians skill by 45% with TAP"

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VR That Actually Works

Many people think VR is just a game, it’s not. TAP enables workers to train as if they’re in your factory without the danger and cost.

Reduce Downtime

Drastically decrease the amount of mistakes made operating and maintaining machines.

TAP ensures your workforce knows the fundamentals and the most effective troubleshooting methodologies.

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Decrease Time to Contribution

Get your new hires a crash course on exactly what they need to know to be successful before they ever step foot in the factory.

Customers find that on average TAP decreases the amount of time it takes a new hire to become productive by about 50%.

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Improve Factory Safety and Operations

Safety is not just a virtue, it’s a habit. TAP ensures safety is integrated into every single lesson and takes into account OSHA and other industry standards.

Reduce accidents and dangerous situations with TAP by instilling safety in every step of your workforce’s development.

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