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Northrop Grumman uses TAP to train a new generation of technicians.

Northrop Grumman’s Advanced Technology Labs is a leader in supplying highly specialized and critical microelectronics. With a storied history, Northrop knows they have to invest to cultivate the next generation of technicians to maintain their performance. Northrop has looked to Training All People (TAP) to pilot virtual reality (VR) enabled training to support the success of their technician workforce.


Traditional semiconductor technician training methods tradeoff against factory production.

Like most leading advanced manufacturers, Northrop faces a great workforce challenge – their expert and most experienced technicians are aging out of the workforce. Accelerated training and support at scale are what’s required to up-level their new technicians. However, this is easier said than done given the importance of keeping their equipment up and running for production for customers (as opposed to training).


Improve learning with immersive experiences and scenarios that would be nearly impossible to simulate without TAP.

  • Enhanced Learning Experience

    To provide students with a more immersive and engaging learning experience, enabling them to apply technical skills in a semiconductor environment.
  • Standardize Skill

    Each production employee should be trained on same best known practice in the same way. Manufacturers are only as good as their lowest skill employee.
  • Safety

    TAP builds safety into each lesson and simulates potentially hazardous scenarios in a safe virtual environment. This allows students to develop safe work habits.

Northrop Grumman was able to setup and start training in less than an hour.

TAP provided everything Northrop needed including virtual reality labs, online learning platform, curriculum, and instructor guides. In less than an hour, TAP was able to help Northrop prepare their training space and get trainees learning.

Technician age ranges can vary from 18 to 60+. TAP is designed with all production workers in mind and is very easy to use and pick up.


Northrop Grumman technicians saw a 45% increase in skill.

  • Skill Improvement

    Technicians saw a whopping 45% increase in skill based on pre and post assessments for the TAP curriculum Northrop Grumman technicians completed.
  • Understand the “Why”

    Even experienced technicians reported benefitting from the class because TAP explained why procedures are done the way they are.
  • Standardize Tribal Knowledge

    TAP was able to take the lessons from decades of experience and deliver it in a standardized fashion to Northrop Grumman’s technician workforce.


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