Next Generation Technician Training

TAP enables advanced manufacturers to evaluate and train technicians at unprecedented scale and speed.

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"Learn how Northrop Grumman increased their technicians skill by 45% with TAP"
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"Learn why ACC chose TAP to power their technician training program"
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Multi-platform Solution

TAP offers a multi-platform solution that allows technicians to learn on the web and VR.

Empower your team to reach their full potential

TAP’s teaching method accelerates skillsets for your workforce

Reduce Training Time by Half

TAP trainees boost production by shortening onboarding and upskilling time.

Improve Tool Up Time

Train talent off-site to keep production running, cutting travel costs.

Understand Workforce Skillset

Create a data-driven profile of your production workforce to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Standardize Training at Scale

Globalize training for consistent, high-quality execution.

Immersive and Effective Platform

TAP offers a complete training solution with online courses, VR simulations, and assessments.

Effective and engaging curriculum

TAP integrates expert knowledge into proven courses, preparing technicians with practical factory skills before they start, ensuring an enjoyable learning process for your team.

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On-demand training outside of the factory

TAP's virtual training minimizes disruption to the production line, enhancing overall outcomes for your company.

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Powerful assessments to understand competencies

TAP assessments test technician skills, providing insights into current competencies and tracking improvement over time with new training programs.

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Trusted by leading customers

Keeping your data safe and secure

Our information security program is designed to meet or exceed industry standards, and we use many different controls to keep your information safe.

Annual Security Audits

We work with best in class independent auditors to validate we're following the highest security standards.

Encrypted Data

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest

Strict Access Controls

We enforce strict access controls

Level up your technicians

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